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Split Rock Lighthouse Illuminates

SPLIT ROCK LIGHTHOUSE ILLUMINATES: On May 25, 2023, M and I took a trip “Up North” for the opening of a new exhibit at Split Rock Lighthouse. Even though we have made this trip many times, the beauty of the North Shore, the unique character of the small towns nestled along the banks of Lake Superior, and the grandeur of Split Rock were still welcomed anew.

Split Rock Lighthouse is the most visited site of the Minnesota Historical Society’s 26 historic sites. Sitting atop a 130-foot cliff on the rocky shore of Lake Superior, the Lighthouse and grounds are  set in a picturesque environment overlooking the Lake. There is an interpretive center which shows an introductory film,  and has both a gallery which now sports a new exhibit and a gift shop. You may also climb the stairs to the top of the lighthouse if you are so inclined and/or visit other buildings on the site.

I’m including a few pictures from the exhibit gallery, but not explaining the history of the artifacts. Why? I cannot match the Historical Society’s in-depth explanations of the artifacts and site which are available at:  If you want to be transported to an earlier time of lighthouses and freighters and shipwrecks, don’t miss this opportunity to sit back and enjoy their website.

After a November gale in 1905 in which almost 30 ships were damaged or destroyed, construction of Split Rock Lighthouse began. Construction was completed in 1910.

Ship wheel of the Madeira which crashed on November 28, 1905 and sank to the bottom of Lake Superior at Gold Rock Point, a half-mile northeast of Split Rock.

The Fresnel lens housed inside the Lighthouse floats on 250 pounds of liquid mercury which makes it possible to easily rotate the 1,000 pound apparatus. The replica in the exhibit weighs 650 pounds.

We were honored to be at Split Rock when the Lighthouse’s beacon was lit. What a beautiful sight! What a magical night!

After the new exhibit was officially opened, we were treated to the lighting of the Lighthouse. It was magical! There’s something about the place, about the Lighthouse, about the stories of November gales and tragedy and miraculous rescues. Lake Superior is Minnesota’s ocean with its waves and mist and fog. It seems to beckon to some deep stillness within me. It fills me with a sense of wonder and awe. How good it is to have places like this!

I hope you have a place that speaks to you or calms you or inspires you. If you do, please leave a comment on this blog and tell us about it. Thank you for reading my blog.

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