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Pi–Pie Day

PI-PIE DAY: (Didn’t have pie on pi day, but I did last year! Reprinting blog post from March 14, 2022.) If you look at the number 3.14 in the mirror, it spells “pie.” That was reason enough to gather together for pie and coffee! My senior co-op hosted a Pi Pie Party which began today, 3-14 at 1:59pm. It may seem silly to eat pie, to sing songs containing the word “pie, ” and to tell math jokes, but it was just the slice we needed to lift our spirits on this grey winter day to help us see past the clouds over us and those increasing over Europe.

Isn’t that how life is? In the midst of tragedy, we look for happy diversion — not to ignore or be indifferent to sorrow or difficulty or pain, but to be able to bear it, to overcome it, to help others through it.

Pi is an irrational number; it is a decimal number that never ends; it goes on infinitely. Yet, it is a predictable, irrational number: it will always be the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. No matter how big or small your circle is, the value of pi never changes.

How much easier it would be if irrational people and situations were predictable! But, as you know, people cannot be equated as mathematical formulas. That is why sometimes one has to walk away, have a cup of coffee and indulge in a piece a pie. I had pecan today.


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